High Level Meetings

What are the High Level Meetings?

Since 2010, every two years, the SWA Partnership has organised the global SWA High-Level Meeting (HLM). These High Level Meetings bring together ministers of finance and ministers of water and sanitation from developing countries, ministers of development cooperation from donor countries, high level representatives from development banks, and civil society organisations. At these meetings, ministers from both developing and donor countries have made commitments to improve water and sanitation services. Each has published a statement which sets out the actions they will take on water and sanitation over the next two years. This statement of commitments has been developed at the national level prior to the meeting through the High-Level Commitments Dialogue, bringing together a variety of sector stakeholders to agree on commitments and make a clear plan and budget for their implementation and monitoring.

High Level MeetingsHigh Level Meeting 2014

The most recent and third High Level Meeting was held in April 2014. At this meeting, SWA partners collectively made 379 commitments to address barriers to delivering sustainable water and sanitation services. Twenty ministers of finance and 35 ministers responsible for water and sanitation from developing countries attended, in addition to 16 donors and development banks.

Forty three countries and twelve donors tabled Statements of Commitments which both detailed specific time-bound commitments and set out their long-term visions for change. Find out more here.

Find out if your country attended and the commitments that they made here. Keep the pressure on your government to deliver on their SWA commitments by developing and using your own Country SWA Briefing. Use this briefing to remind decision makers of the commitments that they have made and call on them to step up efforts to achieving these. Find examples of country briefings here.

Mid-term review

In March 2015, 40 out of the 43 developing countries and all 12 donor partners reviewed their progress towards their 2014 commitments so far and reported on their results. Find out if your country made commitments and how they are doing so far here.

Which commitments are they off-track in achieving? Call on your government to step up efforts to keep these promises! For support in developing advocacy strategies and communication materials around the SWA commitments, email EWP at info@endwaterpoverty.org .

The new meeting format from 2015 onwards

From 2015, the way in which these High Level Meetings are organised will change, starting with a Water and Sanitation Ministers' Meeting in March 2016. Find out about the new meeting format and schedule here.