There are many resources available to help you to find out more about SWA and opportunities for getting involved!

Civil society groups attended the SWA Ministerial Meeting in Addis Abba, Ethiopia earlier in the year from 15 - 17 March 2016. Read the CSO briefs that were developed in the lead up to the event on the following key issues: 

All other SWA resources and tools: 

  • Visit the Official SWA website for comprehensive information about the Partnership and it's activities.
  • Watch the 'SWA Explained' video.
  • Use WASHwatch, the civil society WASH commitments Monitoring Tool to track your country's progress on the SWA commitments.
  • The latest UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS) report, implemented by WHO and published biennially, points to strong political commitments for WASH around the world. National policies are largely in place, with over 80 % of the countries reporting to have approved national policies for drinking-water and sanitation, and 75% having policies for hygiene. However, despite strong political support, data shows weak national capacity to execute WASH plans. The report offers insights to explain these gaps between aspirations and reality.
  • Keep the pressure on your government to deliver on their SWA commitments by developing and using your own SWA country briefing - templates are available on request. Also find examples of country briefings to download to help your work.

If there are resources that you think could be useful for your organisation in engaging more with the SWA partnership, please do contact the SWA CSO Advisor to make suggestions or request further information.