SWA Partnership Meetings

What are the Partnership Meetings?

The Partnership Meetings aim to bring together representatives from all seven of the SWA consituencies (developing country governments, donors, development banks, civil society, multilaterals, sector partners and research and learning institutions) to take stock of achievements to date, review lessons learnt, and discuss the future direction of the Partnership. The first meeting took place in South Africa in November 2012 and the second meeting in Geneva in November 2013. Meetings will now take place once every two years, alternating with the High Level Meetings.

Key Opportunities for CSOs to get involved:

1. Joint Civil Society Messages:

The Partnership Meeting offers the opportunity for all constituencies, including civil society, to help to shape the direction of SWA. Civil society, through their representatives on the SWA Steering Committee, come together ahead of the meeting to develop key positions and messages to influence the discussions.

2. Participating in the Partnership Meeting:

The civil society constituency is represented at the Partnership Meeting by selected members. This provides CSOs with a voice to promote the joint messages and positions agreed in advance. 17 CSOs were represented at the Partnership Meeting in 2015. The next Partnership Meeting is due to be held in 2017. When the details and agenda are announced, your SWA Steering Committee CSO representatives and national focal points will be in touch to let you know about opportunities to attend this meeting and to input into civil society positions to be presented at the meeting.

Meetings to date

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