Our campaign history

Water Action Month 2016 and our previous campaigns

2016 has been an exciting year for campaigning and advocacy on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). It marked the beginning of the new Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals), which now set our future development agenda until 2030. This was a great opportunity for influencing. 

2016 saw a dramatic change in End Water Poverty's annual mobilisation campaign with the inaugural global launch of Water Action Month. And what a success! Members and supporters from around the world joined together throughout the month of March, uniting civil society and calling for a better future for all. 2016 saw a remarkable change in End Water Poverty’s annual advocacy campaign with the launch of a global month of action, taking the place of our previous mass mobilisation - World Walks for Water and Sanitation. We have to hit the ground running! Now is the time to ensure that WASH is a top priority, and to ensure the vulnerable and most marginalised groups are not left behind. Improved water and sanitation for all will make early successes and sustainable progress possible across so many of the Global Goals, and truly end inequality. Governments, keep your promises and realise a better future for all. 

Members and partners from around the world joined together to celebrate Water Action Month throughout the month of March, highlighting the celebration of World Water Day on 22 March and the critical importance of WASH in achieving our new agenda. Actions and activities took place in over 35 countries around the world - uniting civil society in a call for a better future. Read the final WAM 2016 evaluation report for full details about all of our 2016 activities and what we achieved together! 

With only 14 years left, we have to make every year count!

Water is life. Unite for change. We demand water and sanitation for all. It is critical we leave no one behind. Now is the time for change!

We have come far, but we still have a long way to go. We have to ensure that no one is left behind. Governments, you have signed on to these commitments - now is the time to realise them. Add your voice in 2016 to ensure a better future! 

It is vital that these commitments are not left on a dusty shelf and ignored or forgotten. It is of critical importance that governments are pushed to achieve our new ambitious agenda, particularly targeting those most in need. We must ensure we see the change we want in the world. Inequality must end, and the most marginalised and vulnerable must not suffer. WASH must be a priority.