human rights to water and sanitation

EWP, SOLD and FANMex make joint submission on the human rights of indigenous and rural communities

On 20 January 2022 End Water Poverty (EWP), Survivors of Lesotho Dams (“SOLD”) and La Red Mexicana de Acción por el Agua (FANMex) made a joint submission to the United Nations Special Rapporteur Pedro Arrojo Agudo on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation of Indigenous peoples and people living in rural areas.

End Water Poverty progress report: 2019-2020

People living without safe water and toilets are not victims of tragic circumstance. The source of the water and sanitation crisis is neither scarcity nor lack of technology. This crisis results from decisions made by those in power. From colonial legacies. From climate crises. From systemic discrimination against marginalised groups. From prioritising profit over people.

Mobilising people to demand their water rights from duty-bearers in Zambia

Since the launch of the Claim Your Water Rights campaign in December 2019, VAREN has engaged duty-bearers and rights-holders to work together for the common good of humanity. In the advent of Covid-19 we escalated our efforts to support and mobilise children and community gatekeepers to demand their water rights from duty-bearers.

Water for life, not for profit!

On 22 March 2021, the United Nations celebrates World Water Day. The official theme of this day is “Valuing Water”, a title that should ring alarm bells: there is only a short step between the idea of value and the idea of price! Yet, ascribing nature a financial value is a growing phenomenon, which has just culminated in the listing on the derivates exchange of the most essential element for humanity and life: water.

Airing concerns: how radio raises community voices in Tanzania

Between 13 February and 20 March, Media for Community Empowerment (MACS) aired #ClaimYourWaterRights radio shows in Morogoro and Zanzibar, Tanzania. MACS' work is part of End Water Poverty's international mobilisation campaign, which aims to awaken people to the injustice of water shortages and spur them to claim their human rights to safe water and sanitation.

Member in the Spotlight: Tanzania Women Empowerment in Action

Get to know the newest member of our global coalition: Tanzania Women Empowerment in Action (TAWEA). From exposing human rights abuses linked to deforestation, child labour and mercury-contaminated water, to advocating for refugees' rights to handwashing facilities amid Covid-19, TAWEA's work is varied and vital.