EWP members

Mahama N. Ziblim
Simli AiD is a local Ghanaian registered NGO working to secure the rights of rural communities to water. It provides animation, advocacy, service delivery and capacity building to increase access to safe and potable water in Northern Ghana. Simli AiD is interested in joining/collaborating with other partners to fulfill this dream of a safe and potable water availability to rural communities. The specialty of Simli AiD include pipe water extension, Hand Dug Wells, Borehole provision, Rain water harvesting tanks, all these are conducted in schools, health centres and communities.
Brittany Young
A non-profit public charity that builds wells in rural African Schools.
Kenneth Amoateng
Abibimman Foundation was formed by a group of youth who were poised to move forward an agenda effecting peace and development in the world at large and Africa in particular, hence the name Abibimman Foundation (The African Foundation). The foundation focuses its efforts on mainly women, children and young people by promoting the needed awareness and help address their challenges while utilizing them as positive change agents in the promotion of sustainable development, peace and education through facilitated collaboration among various partners in their communities. Abibiman Foundation a Non-Profit, Non-Partisan, Non-Governmental Organisation, dedicated to the promotion of sustainable livelihoods, human rights, peace, education, environmental, climate change, land and forest, agriculture and health issues based on knowledge of cultural, civic, formal and non-formal education for a better standard of human. We work to influencing policies and changing public attitudes towards education, environment and livelihood issues. The Foundation upholds the principles of the United Nations and African Union. Accredited member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), International Society of Environmental and Rural Development Council (ISERD), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Adaptation fund (AF NGO network), Global Environment Facility (GEF NGO), Green Climate Fund (GCF), Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH of the WHO), Global Soil Partnership (GSP of the FAO), Habitat International Coalition,Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC of the UNEP), UNCAC Coalition and ECOSOC of the United Nations.
Christine Kahmann
Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian organisation committed to ending child hunger Recognised as one of the leading organisations in the fight against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with sustainable access to safer water and long term solutions to hunger.
Jean La Pegue
Le combat d’Action contre la Faim vise à éradiquer la faim de manière globale, durable et efficace dans le monde.
Laurent Kouma Dekalikan
To provide safe drinking water along with improved hygiene and health education and awareness and sanitation facilities, within the population of Togo. Reducing water-borne diseases, particularly diarrhoeal diseases among children. To enhance many lives through improved access to water supply and sanitation in Togo. To increase accessibility and availability to safe, adequate and reliable water supply and contribute to the provision of appropriate sanitation services to poor and disadvantaged people. To improve the standard of living of people I small towns and rural villages especially children through programmes of education, training and social welfare.
Action solidaire pour le Développement communautaire, ASODECOM, is a community based organization registered under ministerial act 530/1459 of November 18, 2010. ASODECOM was created by men and women concerned about absolute poverty and human rights violence’s in which live overwhelming majority of Burundian population. The mission of ASODECOM is contributing in building a peaceful, healthy and wealthy community. Until April 18, 2012 ASODECOM is engaged to promote and implement the initiative’s ten principles Global Compact and to collaborative projects which advance the broader development goals of United Nations Particularly the Millennium Development Goals.
Ashrafedin Youya
Princewill Emeka Mordi
Africa Intiative for Environment Sustainable Network's mission is to reduce poverty through their campaign against Publice Private Participation in the water sector.
Baker Yiga
The African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW) is a regional networking body of African civil society organizations (CSOs) actively involved in the field of sustainable water management, water supply and sanitation.ANEW is an autonomous Africa-wide platform which aims to ensure that the diverse voices of African civil society organizations on water and sanitation are represented and heard in the development and implementation of Water and Sanitation plans and policies.
Ismail Suleiman
MOTTO: “To be transparent, accountable and involving.” VISION: To transform the livelihoods of the youths and women and restore their potential MISSION: Working with youths and women for their empowerment and self –transformation. PURPOSE: To facilitate educational training by instilling skills through equitable growth in the county governments across the country.
Prince Williams Oduro
ARII is a non-profit, voluntary based International Relief and Development Organization responsible for promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood in Africa and beyond. ARII works with children, families and their communities by tackling poverty in all its forms. HOW Educational opportunities and Resources -to help discover, direct, motivate and develop the abilities of children living in the most disadvantaged communities Health Care Facilities for Primary Health Care and treatment of diseases such as Malaria, Fever and other Tropical Diseases  Expertise & Funding that empowers African’s most vulnerable groups and provide the tools and resources needed to increase their social functioning. Additional Primary Needs, such as: Potable Water, Sanitation Facilities, Food, Clothing & Shelter To fulfil our mission our funds come from a wide range of activities ensuring that we have a steady and predictable source of income to promote the sustainability of our programmes. These are raised largely within Ghana and worldwide, including Africa, Europe, USA, and Hong Kong. We seek to join our efforts with international networks of like-minded individuals, companies and organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged children and communities who are affected by low poverty level of education and inadequate healthcare. Our aim is to partner governments, corporations, development institutions, community groups and single individuals across the globe in developing and providing cost effective, a more viable, result- oriented services in promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood.
David Atieku
ARUDMO works with women, youth and rural communities in Africa to provide education, training and resources for economic, political and personal empowerment. The organisation is led by a network of country representatives.
Ahuda-Uganda is a non government organisation based in central Uganda with aims of uplifting communities to access good and proper sanitation through sensitization and supporting people in the challenges they face.